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Team Slowpoke

- Critical Habitat Restoration

- Conservation Fencing Repair

- Environmental Education and Outreach

- Community Event Organization

- Land Stewardship 

- Leave No Trace Certification

- Mentorship Programs

- Endangered Species Management

- Interpersonal Communication Skills

- Public Speaking Skills & more

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Our team is made up of people from all walks of life. People of color, people from differing socio-economic levels, people with troubled pasts who have come full circle. We know what it’s like to be sold short and looked past. To not have had the chances to progress that others have had. We are late bloomers or “slowpokes” in our own right. Not because we are slow, but because we have never had the chance to speed ahead. If you want it, we want to help give you the chance to do just that. To gain some experience that could benefit your future and help you move forward. We want to build a sense of community with Team Slowpoke. Check out some of the things we do that you could learn, get involved with, and even throw onto your resume:

We want to see the Desert Tortoise in our desert for the years to come, we want it to thrive and be successful, and we want that for you too. We believe that by creating more successful and passionate stewards for the desert and the tortoise that we are doing the very most we can to help them.

Tortoises are slow, but they are also some of the toughest, wisest and most determined creatures around. That is why we embrace the “Slowpoke” name. You remember how that famous race against the Hare went!

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COVID-19 Notice: Because of the on-going pandemic, most of our field work and outreach will not be conducted until it is safe for us to do so. Please contact us so that we can have your information on file when the time comes! Stay Safe. Wear your mask!


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